Please read to understand how our membership is structured:

All memberships cover one entire household. We don’t want to exclude anyone from being a member because of financial difficulties- which is why we’ve structured our membership levels by support.

$15 of every membership goes straight to PFLAG National, which is where you are entered into a membership database and will gain many benefits. (You can find a list of the benefits below the membership plans.)

Any additional funding beyond $15 goes to your local PFLAG Woodstock chapter and is what we will use for operational costs and to provide resources and support to the local community. All membership plans include an additional $1 to cover the payment capture fees we incur. You pick your level of support! If you are able to give more, great!

All memberships are valid for one year.

Membership Benefits

Besides lending your name to PFLAG’s work on behalf of LGBTQ+ visibility and rights, your membership entitles you to valuable benefits that keep you fully informed and give you the understanding you need to advocate persuasively for our community and speak up for LGBTQ+ equality. Tap into PFLAG’s vast treasury of educational materials and up to the minute policy papers to keep yourself fully informed and ready to advocate.




Learn via PFLAG Academy Online:



Education is a critical piece of PFLAG’s work. PFLAG Academy Online is PFLAG National’s way to provide continuing education opportunities to members and leaders to expand their own knowledge and provide the most current information to those who need it.


  • Sample offerings:

    • Conversion Therapy and LGBTQ Youth
      What Parents, Students, Educators and Mental Health Providers Need to Know

    • Conversion Therapy: The Role of Parents in Protecting Youth

    • Family Acceptance Within Families of Color
      Parents of LGBTQ+ children from Asian, Latinx, and African American backgrounds will share their stories of transforming parent’s fear, shame, and guilt into unconditional love and acceptance for their children and their broader LGBTQ+ communities.

  • When Someone Comes Out: A PFLAGers Guide to Demonstrating Support and Acceptance
    Great tips, tools, and ideas for PFLAG members looking to support LGBTQ+ individuals who are planning to come out and new (and potential) allies who want to demonstrate their acceptance of LGBTQ folks in their lives.



Stay informed via PFLAGPole, the PFLAG national newsletter:


  • The PFLAGPole is PFLAG National’s newsletter. Printed tri-annually, the PFLAGPole brings you the latest and greatest on PFLAG National’s programs and events. It also includes stories covering PFLAG’s mission of support, education, and advocacy and how our 400+ chapters–and PFLAG National staff, board members, and volunteer regional directors–are working together to change hearts and minds across the country.



Advance equality through Advocacy, Policy, and Partnerships:


  • Stay current on what we’re fighting for; where, when, and how we’re fighting for it; and with whom we’re partnering to achieve justice and equality for our LGBTQ+ loved ones. 

    • Advocacy: Handy one-page sheets with information on lobbying, building coalitions, advocating via social media, and more.

    • Policy: One pagers on PFLAG’s legislative priorities to reference while lobbying, and leave with your elected officials.

    • Resources: One Voice Can Change the World: The PFLAG National Policy Guide and Advocacy Toolkit

*Please reach out if you would like to become a member but cannot afford to do so at this time.