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PFLAG Woodstock VA

Safe Zone Training

Interested in Being Safe Zone Trained?

This year we are trying to do as many Safe Zone Trainings as possible because we feel that if the community understands the lingo and the communication surrounding LGBTQ then we will help some folks let go of the fears that are surrounding the issues.

Reach out to us @ pflagwoodstockva@gmail.com if you have any questions and if you would like to set up a Safe Zone Training. We are here to help in any way we can.

Our Training.

The Safe Zone Project was originally created by Sam Killerman to provide a free curriculum for learning how to help folks understand pronouns, lingo, communication and privilege. We have changed up the curriculum a bit to help folks understand a more basic misunderstanding of the differences between Sex and Gender. We feel this allows a better understanding of what is going on first before we introduce the pronouns.

This 2.5-3 hour long session will touch on all of the above topics but utilize a Q&A time to discuss and better understand the concepts.

We are so grateful to have Rhonda Zingraff, our education volunteer. Rhonda has a PH.D in Sociology and is retired from  JMU in Harrisonburg. Rhonda has had the Safe Zone Project Training when she worked at an all women’s college in Raleigh, NC and understands how students need to feel seen and safe in their environments in order to thrive and grow.

Each participant receives a packet that contains definitions of all things LGBTQ, graphics, communication skills sheet and a sticker that, upon completion, will be used to show that you are a safe individual to interact with. Those who may not feel safe will see the sticker and know that your office is a safe environment for all without judgement of who they are.