“Children have so few places to go that are safe. A teacher, or a counselor, or a pastor, should be a safe place where they can share their feelings.” – Karen Casperson

What Does The Bible Say?

Our Chapter Secretary, Levi, sat down with one of our other Board Members, Karen Casperson, who is also a retired Lutheran Pastor. The Bible is a point of contention for many people within the LGBTQ+ community and puts many of those within the community at odds with friends, family members, and communities in which they grew up in. 

In the video, Levi asks Karen about some specific Bible verses that are often used to condemn members of the LGBTQ+ community and Karen lends her perspective and her extensive knowledge and experience to answer those questions. He also gets a little personal about some of the things he’s experienced as it relates to passages from the Bible and asks Karen for her insight on some of those thought processes.

A very enlightening video as Karen provides insight to some of the passages commonly used to cast judgment against those in the LGBTQ+ community.

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