PFLAG Woodstock attending a Suicide Awareness rally.

Suicide Awareness Campaign

PFLAG Woodstock Attends Suicide Awareness Rally


On September18, PFLAG Woodstock attended a local rally for Suicide Awareness. Suicide awareness is especially important in the LGBTQ+ community since the LGBTQ+ community experiences disproportionately large amounts of hate and discrimination compared to the general republic- with much of that coming from their own family members. As a result, members of the LGBTQ+ community are 92% more likely to think about suicide and 88% more likely to attempt it as compared to the general U.S. population. Among LGBTQ+ youth, more than 1.8 million LGBTQ+ youth seriously consider suicide each year and at least one attempts suicide every 45 seconds.

Our Chapter Secretary Levi spoke during the event and spoke to his experience having lost a younger brother to suicide as well as his own experience with suicidal ideation during the early period in his transition when he struggled with acceptance.


You can view a portion of the rally in the video below:



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