PFLAG Woodstock Makes an Appearance at Grace Episcopal for a Transgender Day of Remembrance Event.



PFLAG Woodstock was invited to attend and set up an informational table at an event hosted by Grace Episcopal Church in The Plains, VA. The event began with a film called “Voices of Witness: Out of the Box” and then followed by a forum led by Transgender and Non-Binary voices.

Our own PFLAG Chapter Secretary, Levi, was asked to participate in the forum and lend his voice as a transgender man to the event. He was joined by Kai Pollock who also lended their voice as a non-binary person.

The forum was facilitated by Drew Ensz who asked questions as they pertained to the church and where these individuals felt that they fell on the spectrum of religion and the church. Both participants were able to give some background on their lives that spoke to where they are at in their lives. After the facilitator finished with the pre-determined questions, questions were opened to the attendees who were able to ask questions about what family life looked like as an adult transgender/non-binary person among other things.

Turnout far exceeded everyone’s expectations with many people from the community coming to learn more about the transgender and non-binary experience. Many people left wanting to know how they can be better Allies to the LGBTQ+ community. The forum and the film helped open up the reality that many transgender and non-binary people face in the Church.


If you’d like to view the film that was shown at the event, it is called “Voices of Witness: Out of the Box” (clickable link) and is searchable on YouTube.


You can view the recorded version of the forum below:


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